Monday, October 31, 2011

tranquility of a sword

when a sword is forged,
with sweats and bloods,
determination conquers,
crafting a fine, deadly sword,
to slice anything
that confront it.

even a kitchen knife,
with its sharp edge,
able to cut hard, uncooked meat
with precise movement,
yet agile.

within the hands of experts,
either cooking or killing,
that was simple
with a sharp penknife.

within the state of sharp,
with no indentation,
should cuts any soft things,
without any glitch.

if this 'sharpness' is the tranquility,
people are equivalent,
to the a part called,

if an edge is ragged,
it never cuts smoothly,
rationally equivalent,
if people rationally don't,
it never cuts through the problem,
equivalent to blunt, damaged knife.
what did you see through a fine knife?
differ eyes,
differ mind,
deeper prospective.

what did you see through a fine knife? =)

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