Saturday, August 27, 2011

ramadan & hari kemerdekaan.

a perfect combo=D

ehem ehem!
saya selaku blogger yang tak femes ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya & selamat hari kemerdekaan negara ke-54...
wait a minute.. raya dulu la.. baru hari kemerdekaan... ah, never mind.

sekarang kita bakal meninggalkan ramadan.... menanti ketibaan syawal... anyway, ada suatu benda yang hamba nak diperkatakan,

tatkala ramadan, syawal diingati,
namun, ingatlah ramadan pabila syawal menjelma.

maka hamba telah menyediakan satu 'hiburan' untuk kamu semua....

ok, selesai untuk ramadan.

hari kemerdekaan ke-54. apa separuh masa pertama 2011 ini tunjuk kepada kita?
yang itu kamu semua boleh fikir sendiri. apapun, mari kita lihat 'role model' kaum lain yang kita boleh contohi.
nak jadi 'first class mind society' memang memerlukan satu evolusi mahupun satu revolusi dalam minda masyarakat.

1. Jepun/Japanese=> high level of discipline!
apa yang 'special'nya masyarakat yang pernah menjajah negara kita ni? disiplin. well, disiplin buat hidup lebih teratur. mereka masih berdisiplin walaupun dalam masa bencana. tak percaya? Read THIS. ini yang membuatkan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad nak dalam masyarakat sekarang.


2. India/Indians=> super respect to parents!
ello, orang india patut juga kita contohi la! bila mereka jumpa mak ayah, apa mereka buat? bagi peminat cerita hindustan hari sabtu, kalu tak dapat jawab memang berat 66 la...

i hate actors, but i had to admit that you are very good damn actor.

ia macam kena dengan suatu, kan?
syurga ditapak kaki ibu

you take it symbolically, you will understand how grateful we are. anyway, don't forget parents when succeed.

p/s: minta maaf zahir & batin ye... :D
selamat hari raya!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

online chats (plus comments in social networking) etiquette

There are few people who haven’t chatted online at least once. Though it’s still fairly new, most people who have a computer with Internet access have indulged in this activity. Chat is one of the most common forms of communication these days. Unlike the phone, you can have numerous conversations at once. You can chat with friends, business colleagues, and strangers. Though chatting is so easy and carefree, there are still manners and etiquettes that need to be observed:
1. Initiating Conversation
When you initiate a conversation with anyone, a stranger or a long time friend, be sure you have something to talk about. One of the most annoying things in chat is when someone messages you to ask how you are and then has nothing else to say. You don’t need to chat with someone every single time you see them online, so when you do message them, have a question in mind or a piece of news to share. This will make your chats with anyone more interesting and seem less like a burden.
2. Use Manners
Just because you’re online and not talking face to face or voice to voice, doesn’t mean you should throw manners out the window altogether. Say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” when appropriate. When someone does ask how you are, ask the same back. Use the same manners you would if you were in person or on the telephone with anyone.
3. Avoid excessive jargon and word emoticons
There are certain abbreviations that have become commonplace in the chatting world such as “bbl,” which stands for be back later and “brb,” which stands for be right back. But sometimes you will come into contact with people who have an abbreviation for every word. There are people who will say that it makes typing faster, but in many cases the word is exactly the same length, just different letters. Unless you’re a teenager chatting to another teenager, you can type normally. If you have word emoticons (pictures that replace certain words in your chat conversations), cut them down to a minimum as they can make reading very difficult for the other person. If the emote for a word is a picture only (instead of a colorful word), don’t use it at all, as the person will have a hard time figuring out what you are trying to say. These items might look cute, but more than one or two is hard on the eyes. And if you are chatting with business colleagues always type properly. You don’t want to look unprofessional.
4. Caps
In the Internet world caps means yelling. Don’t use them unless you want to emphasize ONE word in a sentence. Otherwise people get the impression that you are angry.
5. Use facial emoticons
Since the other person cannot see you when you type something, it is sometimes important to use a smiling or frowning emoticon to let the other person know that you are just joking or upset by what has been said. If you want to tell a joke and aren’t sure how it might be taken, use the smiley to indicate you are kidding or don’t say it at all. Many miscommunications can occur while chatting.
6. Respect a person’s status
If you want to talk to someone but their status has been set to busy or away, don’t message them. They might be at the computer, but their status indicates they cannot chat at the moment. If you want to tell them something important, e-mail them instead. Do not interrupt what they may be doing. Just wait until the next time they are available. The same rule applies to you, if you are too busy to chat set your status to “busy.” Otherwise people will assume you can chat and message you.
7. Don’t be demanding
When you are having a chat conversation with someone it is slower than a conversation you would have on the telephone. Don’t expect that people can always respond immediately. Also, don’t feel that you have to respond within seconds of receiving a message from someone; just don’t take too long to respond. Another way you can be demanding is to use the buzz or nudge options to “shake” someone back into the conversation. Even if the person has taken far too long to respond, don’t use that option.
8. End conversations properly
You would never think of simply hanging up on someone without saying goodbye and though chatting isn’t as intimate as a real life conversation, disappearing without a word is still as shocking. Even if you’re in a rush to leave, say something. This is where those chat abbreviations come in handy. “G2G” means got to go. So, if you say “G2G bye,” you will be completely understood.
Chat Abbreviations
TC = take care
BBL = be back later
BRB = be right back
G2G = got to go
AFK = away from keyboard
TTYL = talk to you later
LOL = laughing out loud
ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
BTW = by the way
ATM = at the moment
ASAP = as soon as possible
A/S/L? = age, sex, location
A/S/L/M/H? = age, sex, location, music, hobbies
B2B = business to business
B2C = business to consumer
B4 = before
B4N = bye for now
BF = boyfriend
GF = girlfriend
CUZ = because
CU = see you
CYA = see ya
CYL = see you later
DIY = do it yourself
DKDC = don’t know don’t care
DL = dead link
EMA = what is your E-mail address?
EOM = end of message
EOT = end of thread
EZ = easy
FAQ = frequently asked questions
FUBAR = fucked up beyond all recognition
FWIW = for what it’s worth
FYI = for your information
GL = good luck
GTRM = going to read mail
IC = I see
IDK = I don’t know
IM = instant message
IMO = in my opinion
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMing = chatting with someone online
IMNSHO = in my not so humble opinion
JK or J/K = just kidding
JIC = just in case
K = OK or okay
KEWL = cool
L8R = later
LSV = language, sex, violence
M/F = male or female
M8 = mate or mates
MA = mature audience
MSG = message
MTF = more to follow
NE = any
NE1 = anyone
NG = new game
NIMBY = not in my back yard
NM = never mind
NOYB = not of your business
NT = no thanks
NUFF = enough said
OIC = oh I see
OMG = oh my gosh
OT = off topic
OTOH = on the other hand
P2P = peer to peer
PLZ = please
PM = private message
PPL = people
POV = point of view
R&R = rest and relaxation
RL = real life
RPG = role playing game
RTFM = read the fucking manual
RU = are you?
SFX = sound effects
SH = same here
SMEM = send me an email
SO = significant other
STR8 = straight
SU = shut up
TCB = taking care of business
THX = thanks
TY = thank you
TYVM = thank you very much
YW = you’re welcome
W/E = whatever
WTG = way to go
WTH = what the heck
WTF = what the fuck?!
YW = you’re welcome

p/s: also applied in comments. :D
this article may so boring, so this video can help you understand why etiquette are so crucial

thank you.=)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sleepy sunday

never think overpowering your boss.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mercun: explosive playground

Ok, let's start an analysis. what the hell is 'mercun' a.k.a. firecracker is all about? FYI, mercun is a an explosive toy that creates 'boom' sound bla bla bla...... Stop, enough the icebreaking session. You all know what is mercun. Even a good boy knows a lot of this thing.

Mercun. For me it just an explosive toy that almost real to grenade. In Ramadan, kids love to play this thing! Even their dads and granddads play with them! Plus, there are variety of mini-explosives with mini-boom and variety of consequences! What??? This is not fair. People like to play mercun than laugh to people who plays mercun. Be like obefiend. 99% sure educating. another 1%? Moron seller & player. sigh. =,=''

p/s: No one blames you to change. You're just blaming yourselves for not to change. You holds the key. It's up to you now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

morale si setan...:D

selamat menunaikan puasa dan solat terawih kepada semua readers2......

kali ni gua nak cerita sedikit pasal setan a.k.a syaitan laknatullah....
kalau nak diikutkan setan2 semua sekarang tengah diikat, so Safe For Ramadan la..hihi :-)

apa yang boleh dicontohi dari setan-setan sumer nih?
1. tepati janji (dan juga amanah!).
kan setan da berjanji dgn Allah S.W.T. untuk sesatkan keturunan Nabi Adam A.S. ......... so sekarang nih mereka semua tengah pegang janji tuh..... malah, orang munafik pun kena laknat sebab janji mahupun amanah.

2. berusaha
setan ni ada macam-macam cara nak kenakan kita 24/7 just untuk kita ikut bisikan mereka nih. ape-apepun, setan ni tetap berusaha (usaha tangga kejayaan tau!) untuk sesatkan kita dari jalan yang Allah S.W.T. yang diredhai, kecuali yang tertentu sahaja.

3. kreatif
dah macam-macam teknik untuk goda manusia, apatah lagi kita.
be creative. life is dull when you not creative.

p/s: ini jus nasihat je...... jangan tambah dosa, gandakan pahala..... take all time that Allah S.W.T. give for us to devote to Him.... insyaAllah.....:D

at last....

secara rasminya (mengikut kalendar kuliah gua) tamat suda kelas kuliah sem 3 a.k.a. killer sem nih......
pretty lot of thing going out in the class.... well, it also get interesting too.
anyway, better finish any unresolved work, then get to work again, after Raya.
by the way, gua rasa nak letak satu cerits fiction dalam ni sempena bulan kemerdekaan. kalau nak aku boleh tolong post kan. anyone?

rasa macam gua banyak gaduh la dengan subjek sem ini la.....=,=''

Saturday, August 13, 2011

silenced saturday #2

shh.... silence.

humans are too noisy, can we take a break?-Mother Nature ;-P

Friday, August 12, 2011

silenced saturday


sometimes people are really judgemental. =,=''

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

awal ramadan..

masa2 camnih la biasanya blogger (ramai, bkn sorang dua) post something psal bulan yang mulia, bulan Ramadan al-Mubarak. to all blogger yg post psal ramadan, x kira r komen masyarakat ke @ fadilat bulan ramadan, mahupon menduga puasa muslim's readers ke, gua salute you'll sbb korang da berjaya menyebarkan sekeping nasihat kpd masyarakat berbanding gua.:)

ada ape dgn awal ramadan nih??? selain fadhilat ape sumer tuh, satu je yg berbentuk fizikal aku nmpk, ramai giler kt masjid!!! nasib smpt dpt tempat dalam saf tuh.=.='' yang tuh korang boleh agak r memey r best mlm pertama ramadan nih [jgn koya sangat. nanti langgar dinding pulak:D].
next night a.k.a 2nd night of ramadan, sederhana ramai. aku still ada semangat lg nk pegi masjid, tp gua rase mcm kosong. empty. letih ada r.

kenapa aku cakap psal nih??? gua bkn hipokrit, tp gua hanya meluahkan perasaan je...(niat halalkn cara, kalu salah tolong britaw [komen la...] hadis yang berkaitan. at least boleh share ke orang ramai. aku pon nk blajar. mengalir ilmu tuh..)
ada kajian saintifik mengatakan bila jemaah berada dlm keadaan rapat antarra satu sama lain, cas2 negatif, bukan cas positif, mengalir apabila 2 permukaan bergesel. so, what is the point? it's all about energy. ianya mcm ko minum redbull terus boleh wat keje multitasking. so lain kali pastikan ruang2 antara jemaah tu biar sekecil yang mungkin, asal jgn terhimpit-himpit dgn jemaah yang lain cukup la..

p/s: ini hanyalah nasihat. kalu ada yang tersinggung gua mintak maaf sangat2... kan saling memaafi tu boleh mendamaikan satu dunia....peace yo!!:D