Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the storm

a storm is coming
violent winds, sky crackers together
chilling to the bones
by mass downpour
cornering one's heart
to its darkness

the ghost of himself
blanket his soul,
shivering his skins,
snatching his might.

one time, he realized
is this storm make me bad?
he answered, no.
questioning himself,
others? no.

by the downpour,
he sees life going on
the rain never stop them
it just rain, after all.

gust rushes by,
trees dancing
cornering everyone
with wet, cold air
life take a break

the sky cracker turns,
harmonizing the atmosphere,
with magnificent spiky, flash branches,
darkness of life sprung.

with more questioning,
he asked,
is there are courage?
yes definitely,
life still continue
like rainbow's colours.

this poem inspired by the storm happening at Kuala Terengganu. it pretty was strong too.

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